ATOPIA RESEARCH is a non-profit research and design organization based in the United States, whose purpose is humanitarian and educational. The organization conducts research and develops innovative project proposals and design solutions for areas of the world that are in a state of crisis, and seeks to increase public awareness of the potential of innovative thinking and sustainable design solutions.
Our research allows us to identify areas of need that remain unaddressed. We then develop proposals in response to this research. The proposals, concepts, strategies and designs are described through drawings, digital and physical models, diagrams, and writing in sufficient detail that the projects can be implemented.
An important part of our design and research work is  the construction of networks of collaborators, supporters, sponsors and partners in the affected regions, ensuring the effective delivery of the project, and the monitoring in use of project elements. In this way the collective intelligence of the network can be applied to the project and the knowledge acquired used in other contexts, establishing continual feedback as a principle.
The EYE in the HANDThe pan-cultural Eye-in-Hand icon manifests the integral and interactive bond between two essential human functions – sensing/observation (the Eye) and doing/acting (the Hand), VISION and ACTION combined.
We believe that it is important to contribute our services as designers, thinkers and innovators in areas marked by social and environmental crisis and to demonstrate the transformative potential of innovative thought and action.