theworldsbank is an gateway site for a collection of initiatives by ATOPIA Research and its subsidiaries focusing on bringing essential resources, Water, Power and Food to people in need. Water and Power projects are already underway.
WATERBANKS harvest and store rainwater in simple structures that can be used for many community needs.
FILTERBANKS are modular and scaleable water filtration banks that use ceramic water filters (CWFs) in arrays with simple header tank and receiving tank arrangements, that can work at many scales from domestic to institutional or civic.
POWERBANKS are small scale energy harvesting and storage units that are suitable for remote settings, and disaster recovery situations.
SOILBANKS address the practice of conservation agriculture and food security issues generally will be launched in 2013.
theworldsbank project advocates highly localized, decentralized and non-linear approaches to infrastructure design and a high level of community engagement in the management of resources and resource distribution.